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Austere Provisions Company EDC Medication Module FastFire Medical Module – Core Austere Provisions Company IC3 Kit
24 Hours worth of meds for common illnesses. Survival medical essentials module.
APC IC3 Kit, built in house and designed to address major causes of death on battlefield.
Tactical Medical Solutions Downed Operator Kit North American Rescue Individual Patrol Officer Kit (IPOK) Austere Provisions Company 3 Day Medication Module
The DOK is a compact kit that contains the items essential for treatment of serious injuries encountered by law enforcement and military personnel. Individual Patrol Officer Kit from North American Rescue
72 Hours worth of meds for common illnesses.
EAG Tactical IFAK built by Austere Provisions Company
The EAG Tactical IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) was designed by EAG Tactical and Austere Provisions Company based off of operational experience and the latest information from the Committee on TCCC.