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WAR WORLDWIDE WAR TAPE 1" Medic Cross Square Patch 1" PVC Medic Cross Square Patch 2" PVC
1 inch cloth athletic tape from WAR WORLDWIDE.  A durable medical tape with a reminder of what you are training for. Perfect for marking your med pouch. Perfect for marking med pouches and bags.
Austere Provisions Company T-Shirt "Well Traveled Gear" Thinking Cap PVC Helmet Patch
The perfect T-Shirt for the professional adventurer who knows where to get the greatest gear.  APC emblem on the front, garden spots passport stamps on the rear.  Get yours today. The Thinking Cap Patch. Exclusive from Austere Provisions Company. A morale patch with soul, remember that it takes brains as well as brawn to be a warrior no matter what path that may be from Law Enforcement to Military, from Fire to EMS or any other field that requires you to put the mission before yourself. Made from PVC material to weather whatever is thrown at you, velcro backed to put on your helmet or ball cap. Approximately 2"x1". Helmet NOT included. Available in Grey, Green, and Desert color options.